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Reminder to Accentuate the Positive

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I had to have a word with myself this week. 

I lost my mojo. I was feeling the pressure of all my great ideas and missed opportunities which left me feeling really deflated and tired.

I needed to remind myself of a few key 'Neuro' tricks that I often share with clients. 

Starting with a focus on positivity, I had to remind myself that it’s important to appreciate the little steps in order to feel and make progress. 

I had to switch my attention to what I have achieved, rather than what I have not.

Remembering that the brain responds far better when you reflect on an achievement than make another review of a never ending task list.

I, like many others, had a few moments of great intention at the beginning of lockdown to learn a new skill, take another course, read more books (etc)... But sadly for all the business ideas, books downloaded and courses enrolled in, my to-do list of started-but-not-progressed-very-far best intentions became a grand old weight of disappointment around my tired neck.

I’ve been good at planning and keep reminding myself of the essay required to progress to week 3 of that course and how I can re-borrow that huge brain audio book and CAN find a better way to absorb the less than simple prose (it was so hard to focus on!!). But rather than inspire me into action, my to-do list left me feeling deflated and a bit of a failure (“did I ONLY make week 2?” “HOW MANY times did I give up listening?” arrgh!). Motivating it was not.

SO; as I took the time to focus on what I have achieved, I began to trust that lockdown has not been wasted. I have had far more regular face times with geographically dispersed family and friends, providing huge support for elderly parents. The regular Friday night banter with cherished friends has been a lifeline for me whilst we’ve not been out meeting IRL. 

And as I focus my attention on the positives, I find more reasons to appreciate the progress made…

We have embraced a local eco refill shop, reducing single use items in our household. We now also receive a regular delivery of ‘odd shaped’ fruit and veg from OddBox, which has initiated some hugely rewarding, creative recipe exploration and cooking. The homemade gooseberry syrup mixed with gin was a weekend treat that I plan to recreate.

I have fixed my regular weekday morning routine to include regular yoga/ physio/ exercise BEFORE work. Meaning my body finally craves the familiar habit over the various choices and distractions I used to waste precious energy on. 

And habits take anywhere between 30 to 80 days or repetitions (depending on the study)…. That's no small feat. Well done to me. 

By reflecting on these achievements, I can more easily gloss over the incomplete, the missed opportunities and come back to what progress means for me. I am healthier and more connected to the people I care about during a time where the world has practically been turned upside down.

What more could I ask for?

So bugger you, you feelings of failure, I HAVE made progress!

It’s good reminding myself that I am capable, I can achieve plenty when I put my mind to it (i.e. what's really important) and suddenly the motivation to knock another task off the big list is back. 

And here it is. Not quite monthly, but one step closer to a regular blog post.

Now, over to you. Next time you start thinking about what you haven’t done, take some time to focus on what you have.

Prioritise ticking things off that 'achievements' list and reflect on it often.

Then let me know how long it takes you to feel more positive and motivated for your journey.

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