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As a qualified transformational life coach with certificates in Neuroscience for coaches and consultants, I’m dedicated to helping others live and work more effectively.

About me

I love helping people feel & do better.

Whether that’s being more effective with their time or understanding and overcoming things that might be holding them back, I love helping people work out what’s important and find better ways of doing things.

I've always had an interest in psychology and more recently, I’ve started studying Neuroscience to understand the biology and chemistry behind our reactions, habits and behaviours. 

I love learning why our bodies and minds make us feel and act the way we do (consciously and subconsciously) and more importantly, what we can do about it.

I also love solving problems and I am passionate about helping people understand themselves better and giving them the tools to embed lasting change.

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What People Say

Lucy, Marketing Consultant and Business Owner

"Lou is a fantastic change coach, the sessions were so valuable I was able to completely turn my life around and go from a career I hated to starting the business I'd always dreamed of. Lou helped me to focus on techniques to improve my productivity and the confidence to achieve my goals"


My journey


Before training as a coach I had a corporate career that followed themes of continuous improvement and change; refining businesses processes and driving digital and organisation transformation.

Having started in a small software consultancy, designing software solutions to automate and refine business processes I moved into a large global outsourcing company, delivering digital transformation on several different client sites, gaining insight into many different approaches to business change, service monitoring and program execution. From understanding client needs, through operational impact assessment to execution and measurement, I took best practice, adapted it to client policies and ensured the many internal and client stakeholder needs were met along the way. 

Moving away from IT, I spent several years running the operations for CRUKs Race for Life where I introduced best practice standards for managing projects and supporting change in order to streamline operations across dramatic peaks of activity and reduce service disruption. It was here that I had my first taste of coaching new managers through action learning set facilitation.

Following this, I moved into organisational transformation in the financial sector: delivering solutions associated with continuous improvement and risk management across Deutsche bank, Citi and HSBC. Whilst at HSBC, I had the pleasure of working with behavioural scientists to help shape business critical employee engagement solutions, specifically looking at how to embed the organisations values and associated measures internationally. It was fascinating and led me deeper into neuroscience as a way to understand the underlying biology and influence behaviours for better outcomes.

After leaving HSBC and taking some time out to catch up with life (I'd been too much work and not enough play...), I studied a diploma in transformational coaching with Animas centre for coaching and have since gained several certificates in Neuroscience for coaches and consultants.

I now love bringing all of the continuous improvement, risk, issue and change management experience together with the coaching and neuroscience principles to help clients work more effectively, achieve more of what they really want to and feel better about their time on this planet.

And when I'm not doing that, I'm either cooking up a feast, chilling in my little London garden or cranking up the stereo, dancing around the kitchen and reminiscing about times when live music and gigs were a regular thing. 

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