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I help my clients harness their value, be more effective, feel empowered and step up as more confident leaders.


After more than 20 years navigating corporate structures, enabling change and translating the needs of senior and non executive directors in both my own and clients organisations, I understand the pressures and potential that the corporate world has to offer.

And having trained in various IT and organisational best practices around managing projects, enabling/ executing change I have the tools and a framework of practical support to help create a program that is suitable for you. 

The first thing we need to know is whether we are a good fit and I am the right coach for you, so let's have a conversation.


Want to better manage relationships? 
Conflicting business or team needs?

Dealing with fast paced or unsettling change?
Managing remote teams?

For individuals who want to make greater impact managing stakeholders, projects or teams.

Exec Enhanced Coaching.png

Building on Exec & Leadership coaching, this will add a structured framework, additional check-ins, insights and write ups to keep you on track 


Who is it for

  • You may be an executive or entrepreneur looking to work more effectively, better manage your time or create or enhance your support network as your team or business grows

  • You may need help understanding the changes you need to make as you step into a leadership role

  • You may need support influencing and responding to challenging stakeholders, or need support navigating through a toxic or troubling environment

  • You may want to know how to feel comfortable through organisation changes

What to expect

Executive/ Leadership coaching starts with the identification of key themes or areas that you want to work on and the desired change. We then map out the steps required, or you might decide to use current, relevant situations or issues (‘what’s hot right now’) that we can use to plan and enact the change together.

These sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the intensity of the environment you are in and how much you want to cover during and between each session. These sessions are planned in blocks of 3-6 sessions



Building on the same principles as the Executive & Leadership coaching, enhanced coaching provides a structured framework with optional phases and tools, plus additional check-ins, insights and write ups to motivate, inform and support you through the changes you want to make.

Who is it for?

People who want the additional support and accountability of regular check-ins, insights, documented plans and a framework of tools to plan and enact change.


  • You will likely have a clear idea of the change you want to make and have a fixed timeframe

  • You may have a number of other competing priorities or an unforgiving schedule

  • You may simply feel that you don’t have the attention or focus to drive the change as fast as you want to and need enhanced support to help you keep to plan.

What to expect

The phases, plans, tools and approach provided through this framework draw on my neuroscience, corporate, programme and people management training and experience.

We start by defining the change you want to make, how that sits within your current priorities and identify the most appropriate change tools and phases relevant to you. This may lead to an exploration of your values, or impact assessment before creating plans for you to implement the change yourself or for us to work on together.

The number of sessions, phases and length of this arrangement really depends on the size and complexity of the change and level of support you need. We may work on several phases over several months, driving a plan of experiments together, or you may just want help getting set up with a plan and some key tools that will enable you to enact the change yourself.

Good to know

If it seems like a lot, don’t worry! It is very much dependent on how clear you are about the change you want to make and how confident you are to apply the changes as they are realised. We will always break it down into blocks of 3, 6 or 12 sessions (1 to 3 months) with a clear goal in advance.


We agree on a frequency and pace to suit you. This framework works really well for people who need help getting started, but want the option to continue on their own once a plan has been developed.


Want to know more? Let's chat....

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