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 Public Sector Consultant

Stan M,


"As a busy founder with a stressful role, requiring a huge amount of critical thinking, the coaching sessions (with Lou) have been invaluable. Essentially, Lou has provided me a toolkit that enables me to evaluate complex situations, approaching them in a considered manner whilst achieving the desired results. Fundamentally, I have become a better communicator, stronger founder and overall happier person"

Elisabeth H,

 Marketing Manager

"Lou has been invaluable for my search for a better career and overall better outlook on life. She is an incredibly talented and neuro-science backed professional coach that helps you think beyond what is the "right job." She rather directs you to discover your own core truths and values and how those things can translate into a fruitful and happy career. She has a calm, positive and uplifting demeanour without being pretentious. She has motivated and inspired me with strategies and lessons that I can carry with me throughout my life. I recommend Lou for anyone who is looking for a coach that is passionate, intuitive and motivating"


Localization Consultant

"I have more clarity and am stronger now thanks to Louisa. I came to Louisa with an overwhelming number of tasks on my plate. In only few sessions,Louisa was able to pinpoint my blind spots, help me look deeper into what led me to feel stressed and reshaped my belief system. She’s experienced, warm, kind and understanding. She’s an excellent listener and I am able to prioritize things and draw clear boundaries. I’m sure anyone can benefit from working with Louisa"



"I am extremely thankful to you for bringing me out of my comfort zone, you helped me to identify the most appropriate opportunity from all available options and you supported me to focus on it"

Jo W,


"Since my coaching with Lou I have found myself more organised, clear-headed, relaxed and in control of numerous things that I was struggling to manage"

Lucy P,

Marketing Consultant & Personal Trainer

"You are serious and your style is warm and inspiring.

 I get the impression that what you are offering me as a coach is not just the skills you gained from training as a coach or experience from previous roles, but it is also your personality. You seem naturally good at working with people"

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