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I help my clients review and reset how they spend their time and energy, so that they feel more satisfied. I help unpick and resolve a multitude of life's challenges, from little irritations to big issues, so that you can make changes you want to and be more effective at what you do best.


I have a proven track record in helping people to organise their thoughts, understand the underlying blocks and motivations in order to prioritise what is really important. 

But first, we need to know if we can work well together, so let's start with a chat and we can take it from there.


Stressed out? 
Can't get motivated? 
Too much on? 
Can't focus?  
Changes don't stick?

One to one life coaching involves developing and working towards a clear goal in a way that suits you

Enhanced Coaching.png

Building on one to one coaching, this will add a structured framework, additional check-ins, insights and write ups to keep you on track 

Drop in Coaching.png

You drive the agenda and capture actions to follow up at own pace. Can be used as an initial assessment


Who is it for?

  • You may be frustrated with bad habits or recurring situations that don’t sit right and want help creating lasting positive change

  • You may have an idea you want to explore and need help getting motivated or prioritising positive action

  • You might be faced with a potentially unsettling change such as a relocation and need help working out where to focus and how

  • You may know what you need to do, but have had trouble making change last, or have lost motivation to keep going

  • Or you may want to re-evaluate and refocus your time and energy in a way that is better suited to your values, strengths and preferences 

What to expect

One to one life coaching is totally dependent on the change you want to make and your current circumstances, so we always start by working out exactly what you want to achieve and agreeing on an approach that meets your needs. One to one life coaching is usually agreed in packages of 3 to 6 sessions depending on how complex the change is and how fast you want to achieve it.



Building on the same principles as a 1 to 1 coaching, enhanced coaching provides a structured framework with optional phases and tools (that I develop with you), plus additional check-ins, insights and write ups to motivate, inform and support you through the changes you want to make.

Who is it for?

  • You will likely have a clear idea of the change you want to make and be determined to achieve within a timeframe

  • You may be focussed on a short, unforgiving timescale so want the extra support and structure to get you  through 

  • You may simply feel that you don’t have the attention or focus to drive the change as fast as you'd like and therefore need enhanced support to keep you on track

  • You want the additional support and accountability of regular check-ins, insights, documented plans and a framework of tools to plan and enact change

What to expect:

We start by defining the change you want to make, how that sits within your current priorities and identify the most appropriate change tools and phases relevant to you. This may lead to an exploration of your values, an impact assessment, or a series of experiments before creating a plan for you to implement the change yourself or for us to work on together.

The number of sessions, phases and length of this arrangement really depends on the size and complexity of the change and level of support you need. 

The phases, plans, tools and approach provided through this framework draw on my corporate program, change and people management training and experience (and are underpinned by coaching and neuroscience principles).


Want to know more? Let's chat...


Who is it for?

  • You might be feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unsure which way to turn.

  • You might want to make changes but have no idea where to start

  • You may simply have a risk or issue you want help assessing and responding to. Or need help getting focussed for a deadline.

What to expect:

In these drop in sessions, you bring the problem, frustration or question and I will help you cut through the noise and identify the priority so that you know where to focus on next. If you know the priority, we dive straight into problem solving (coaching) to help you decide on the most effective use of your attention, what action to take and cover as much as possible within the time. 

Good to know

These sessions provide a good way to share the load and organise your head space so that you can focus. They also provide a good introduction for new clients who want a 'taster' for how I work.

The work we do here may also identify bigger themes or changes that you might want to take forward through One to One or Enhanced coaching.

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