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Embrace the Journey - a deceitfully simple, but brutal truth

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

To be brilliant, you have to embrace and crave the journey, warts (sweat, blood, failure) and all. #findyourflow

It’s deceitfully simple. To be brilliant, you first have to understand, then fully embrace each and every step it will take you to get there. You have to crave the journey, warts (sweat, blood, failure) and all.

And if you don’t really understand or believe in what it will take, how will you ever find the motivation to make those changes and put in all that effort?

I have found this perspective relevant for many clients who are struggling to understand why they are not racing towards their dream plan or project. Often it’s not the end goal that’s the problem but the journey - do they really understand what it’s going to take? Does it fit in with how they see themselves living their lives? Do they BELIEVE they can do it?

In this great article published by INC., Jeff Hayden states:Everyone wants the end result, yet few people want the effort required to get there.

I do recognise the blind desire for an end result, but I don’t agree that it’s a lack of ‘wanting the effort required’ that holds us back.

More often than not, it’s naïveté; we often don’t understand what’s really involved or (as relevant for many clients I have worked with), we don’t realise what internal, unhelpful limiting beliefs or behaviours might be working against us.

It’s astonishing what subconscious beliefs we hold onto and how they can prevent us from moving forward. And truly powerful when you uncover them.

I’ve found that unlocking motivation and drive for a goal can be as simple* as uncovering and reframing something in our subconscious (*as ‘simple’ as trusting in a qualified coach to explore your underlying beliefs and fears!).

And I do love this article (in INC. by Jeff Hayden) for highlighting the dedication to understanding and embedding the process needed.

Jeff explains:  “If you want to run a marathon... you also have to want to go out every day and follow your training plan. You can't just want the goal; you have to want the routine. Otherwise, you don't really want to run a marathon. You just say you do.

We know that talent alone is not enough and we understand that success comes from working REALLY hard - but might overlook the detail of what that HARD WORK looks like.

Jeff goes on to say: “If you want to start a successful business... you also have to want to bet on yourself, work long hours, and embrace the risk of failure. Wanting the end goal isn't enough; you also have to want the grind.

Being really successful at something is a life choice.

You have to understand what it is to be that person and then embody that way of being. You must celebrate each failure as a learning, look forward to those days of hard study or slog as another step closer to your goal.

Jeff explains When Arnold Schwarzenegger decided he wanted to become Mr. Olympia, he believed that every rep of every exercise carried him one step closer to his goal.”

It’s the time and attention you give to your daily and weekly routines to build in realistic, achievable and repeatable actions and behaviours that will deliver real results.

Break it down. What do you have to do, how often and for how long to get there?

I found it myself; I LOVE coaching. I’ve had some brilliant clients with wonderful success stories that I have had a part to play in, but I’m not at all comfortable shouting about it. I can celebrate others successes, but I can't do my own PR and marketing. Except that I have to. The idea of writing about myself might make me feel ‘icky’, but it’s essential that I find a way to show who I am and what I can do.

So this is me embracing my journey. What changes do you need to incorporate so that you can embrace yours?

this is me embracing my journey. What changes do you need to incorporate so that you can embrace yours? #findyourflow

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