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Who's it for?

This workshop is for anyone wanting to improve their resilience, understand their natural stress response and how to improve it, and anyone wanting to improve their performance, mindset and wellbeing (it's all related and I'll show you how).


What's covered?

In this workshop, you'll get a better understanding of how our bodies and minds are designed to cope with stress and how to work with your natural flow. You’ll learn how we can build resilience in order to better deal with and recover from stressful situations and keep performing at our best.


What you'll learn: 

  • What is resilience?

  • The role of neuroscience: how our brains & bodies are connected 

  • The impact of prolonged and excessive stress on our bodies

  • Methods for building resilience

  • A simple reset trick & some strategies to build your own resilience


Interested? Register your interest below and I'll confirm next steps:

Learn about your body's natural response to stress and how building resilience can transform your life.

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